Camp Good Grief

Why is a camp for grieving children and teens needed?


While children and teens may sometimes appear unaffected by a significant loss, their exterior often masks a fearful and traumatized interior with few skills for communicating these profound feelings of loss and sadness. Camp Good Grief of Staten Island seeks to provide an opportunity to assist bereaved children, teens and their families to cope with their special needs.

Who is eligible to attend?


Camp Good Grief is open to Staten Island children and teens ages 7 to 16 who are grieving a significant loss. It is staffed by trained counselors and volunteers who facilitate age-based groups allowing children to experience the relief of being with others who have had similar losses and express themselves without fear of ridicule, teasing or stigmatization.

What is the mission of the camp?

  1. To provide a safe setting for children and teens to grieve the loss of a loved one

  2. To provide an opportunity for children and teens to share their unique experiences with others who have similar losses, normalizing their feelings of grief and loss

  3. To provide feelings of hope and a sense of community

  4. To provide coping skills which children and teens can draw upon as they grow and mature

  5. To provide a place of creativity for expressing their emotional needs while having fun

Who is sponsoring the camp?


Camp Good Grief of Staten Island, Inc is a tax-exempt, not for profit 501(c)3. The camp was conceived by Linda and Irwin Steinman, native Islanders whose own children lost a mother or a father in the early 1980’s. Seeking to provide an opportunity for Staten Island’s bereaved children and teens, the Steinman’s hope to expand the camp’s scope to include educational programs for teachers, clergy and others who interact with children who would benefit from increasing their knowledge of the grieving process. The camp is staffed by security screened, mental health professionals and trained staff.

What happens at camp?


Camp Good Grief provides a weekend experience for children and teens to express themselves, create positive memories, facilitate bonding and foster peer support utilizing accepted psychological methods, play therapy, age appropriate activities, sports ceremonies and symbolism. Beginning with a warm greeting from counselors and staff, children and teens will be engaging in a wide range of healing, expressive activities till the close of camp.

When does it happen?

When does it happen?


Camp Good Grief opened during the fall of 2010 with its inaugural weekend. Currently, the camp is held twice annually.

Having fun at Camp Good Grief

Camp is free!

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What they are saying:


"People always say they understand how you feel, but the other kids really do understand. I have really good memories of Camp Good Grief and would recommend it for other kids.”


"I went home with tears, proud that I had worked with good people doing good things"


"Camp Good Grief is an amazing organization that does so much for grieving kids. They understand. They care." 


"Each child comes to camp with a different point of view even though they hve a ll shared a similar loss. We recognize that and work very hard to ensure that each child has  a positive experience from beginning to end."  


"Seeing the smiles on the kids' faces when they leave camp is incredibly moving.  In a time of great need they have seen a ray of happiness breaking through the clouds.”