Camp Stories

We’ve asked children, parents and volunteers to share their experiences at Camp Good Grief. These are their stories, written by them.

“I loved my time at Camp Good Grief. The counselors are all very nice and understanding, and they listen and help you. I liked meeting other kids and getting to do fun things with them.  I feel that every young person who loses a parent or someone close to them should go to Camp Good Grief, because it will really help them, and make them happy. It is nice knowing that you are not the only one who has lost someone.

People always say they understand how you feel, but the other kids really do understand. I have really good memories of Camp Good Grief and would recommend it for other kids.”

“When I came in to volunteer the first time I was immediately touched by the warmth of the team working with kids.  I was also impressed with the children themselves.  They were carrying some heavy stuff inside and were really trying to cope.  They were being very brave.


I watched them go through camp and come to the realization that  they didn’t have to be alone with their grief.  They found a bit of relief, some hope and lightening of that burden they had been holding onto all by themselves.  I went home with tears proud that

I had worked with good people doing good things.”

“My son was ten years old when he attended Camp Good Grief – three months after losing his dad. I was worried about leaving him for the weekend, but when we arrived and I met the Steinmans and the staff of volunteers, it was easy to see that he would be well taken care of, and that this would be a great experience for him.


He really bonded with his counselor, and was able to open up to him and share his feelings. The activities were all very special and fun, and gave the children the opportunity to express themselves and the grief they feel after losing a loved one.


Camp Good Grief is an amazing organization that does so much for grieving kids. They understand. They care. They provide comfort and a safe place where the children can be around others who truly can relate to what they have been through.”

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Camp Good Grief of Staten Island is a not-for-profit that receives generous donations and other support to provide camp

at no cost. 

Campers at Camp Good Grief

"I liked meeting other kids and getting to do fun things with them. It is nice knowing that you are not the only one who has lost someone."

Campers at Camp Good Grief


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